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Welcome to my website, I'm Enson. Amateur Radio Callsign: BH4FGZ. I'm now studying as an university student in Canada at Simon Fraser University: School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Specialization: Game Design and Software Development / Graphic Design. Keen on Car Modifying, Aerial Photographing and Visual Effects Analyzing & Editing, have some hobbies in my spare time: Photographing, Video Recording, Amateur Radio, Guitar, Hi-Fi, Home Lab... etc. Especially, I'm interested in IT, PHP was the first programming language I learnt. I am currently learning Java/JS, as my studies progress, I will be exposed to more programming languages. In October 2019, I developed the "EN-NP VMS Volunteer Management System" for my High-School.

Welcome to my Blog and find out more about me & my daily life :D

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 Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese
 Proficiency in Shanghainese Dialect
 Proficiency in English
(IELTS Avg. 7.5)
 Proficiency in Japanese
(Studying for JLPT N3)
 Proficiency in French
(New Learner)
* Last Updated: March, 2024

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I am an audiophile. I used to be obsessed with audiophile equipment, but now I mainly enjoy the songs themselves. My listening preferences are extensive, from Charlie Puth to Chopin, modern POP / ACG to Japanese City Pop in the 1990s. There is no genre that I particularly reject, but I recognize the melody that I fall in love with at first glance. Many of my favorite songs are not well known. Therefore, occasionally, I will share my favorite songs recently on this page, sharing with those who have similar music preferences to me.

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My Main Devices:
[Headphones] Sennheiser HD-800
[Headphones] GoldPlanar GL2000

* Last Updated: July, 2024
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